Monday, December 03, 2007

Use Narrowly Focused Sites to Optimize for Web 2.0

Dominating niches requires narrowly focused keyword phrases. This site suggests creating different web "properties" that have narrow focus and concentrate only on a specific keyword and closely related ones.

Online Promotion Using Multiple Web Destinations

There are at least two reasons for using multiple web properties or
destinations. First, each of these three can have a slightly different keyword
focus. If you want to score well for three main keywords within your keyword
group, each of these three can be optimized for one of these search terms. And
second, the search engines often regard different types of web properties
differently. Tightly focused blogs - especially if they are part of a larger
site like blogger or wordpress often get crawled more often and are given more
weight. Google owns blogger, so it makes sense that they might give blogger
sites a bit of a leg up. Squidoo is another story again. Squidoo lenses (focused
pages) often do well in search results - perhaps simply because the good ones
are so tightly focused
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