Thursday, December 06, 2007

This site walks you through becoming a Web 2.0 initiate is a unique site that lays out a day by day (or week by week if you prefer) strategy for getting up to speed with Web 2.0. Members are encouraged to get involved with specific sites of a variety of kinds, and then share their experiences and results.

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Are you a Webel? You should be, you can be!

Webels are smart web site and blog owners. Clued up pros who know that to finesse good web rankings on the search engines these days  you need that extra magic - more, much more, than the perceived wisdom: content, meta tags and a bunch of back links.

What Webels know is that to get multiple S.E. placement fast, and so dominate their niches, is that they’ve got to exploit all those lovely new Web 2.0 web sites. Oh yes!

BUT Webels pace themselves too - they use the Webel Blog to find out what to do, where to go in a day by day TO DO List - Day #1 do these 5 things, Day #2 do these.... First things first though:  type in your email here to gain free access to the blog and the forum.



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Clive said...

Hi, Clive here from and thanks for giving my blog a plug (or in this case a Clip :-)

Clipmarks is one of my favorite Web 2.0 tools!

As you know I preach web 2.0 to anyone who'll listen.

It's all common sensical you don't need to pay someone $1000+ to find out how to do it successfully.

Sometimes I think that charging for information gives it more validity! Offer the same info for free and it is not taken as seriously. How crazy is that?

Thanks again for the link and watch out for my pre Xmas report (I'll include a file download) on the Web 2.0 sites that performed best for my last campaign :-)

The Gold, Frankinsense and Myrrh of Web 2.0 marketing!

Rick said...

Thanks for stopping by Clive. I'm looking forward to your report.