Thursday, May 11, 2006

Live Search from Looks Like a Winner

May 11, 2006 - Linknet Internet

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In spite of a strong showing a few years ago, AlltheWeb dropped from the search engine radar when Google exploded on the scene. In 2003, AlltheWeb was bought by Overture. Then Overture acquired AltaVista and then Yahoo acquired Overture. Yahoo was mostly interested in the Pay-Per-Click capabilities of Overture and let the rest of AlltheWeb and AltaVista languish and eventually fade to obscurity.

But this Wednesday, Yahoo breathed new life into AlltheWeb by releasing AlltheWeb LiveSearch. This does not look like just another Yahoo release. This one is pretty cool, and shows just how long in the tooth the now familiar search interfaces of Google, Yahoo, MSN etc. have become.

You type your search term into LiveSearch and it automatically generates a dropdown menu showing keywords and phrases that might match the query as it is being typed. In other words, it gives you the most popular search terms related to the one you are typing in.

Results are also displayed right away as you type in your search term. Select another search term in the list and the results show up immediately.

This seems like a pretty useful tool, especially when you are not sure what term to search for. SEO professionals and web specialists can also use LiveSearch as a handy keyword suggestion tool when trying to decide on keyword selections. With AlltheWeb, there's no need to open up a special utility for this purpose.

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