Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OK, So Digg Sucks - Now What?

This is from a post on Andrew Hansen's blog. The post is called
"19 Overlooked But Powerful Resources For Niche And Blog Marketers". The link he refers to is below. Since Digg will only generate garbage traffic (according to many), where can you post to get the kind of traffic you want?

clipped from andrewhansen.name

13. Here’s an important lesson - alot of social networks SUCK! If you’re submitting your content to Digg waiting for some ‘digg effect’ of enormous traffic, give up now! The posts that generally get dugg alot are from people highly active in the digg community, who tell all their friends to go and digg their posts. Anyway there are some niche marketers discovering that all social networks have different dynamics and that there ARE some smaller less known up and comers that can send niche sites like yours and mine some great traffic. HERE’s a great article on some different but potentially better social networks to look into for traffic:

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