Friday, March 31, 2006

Make Money with Affiliate Products

Mar 31, 2006 - Linknet Internet News - Here is a new affiliate site. This affiliate site includes articles about making money with affiliate products, how to choose the most profitable affiliate products, which products are worth promoting and much more about selling affiliate products.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Pay Per Click Advertising Articles

Here's a new site with hundreds of articles about Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Monday, March 20, 2006

Web Hosting Scams

Web Hosting Scams - What Some Web Hosting Providers Aren't Telling You

Mar 20, 2006 - Linknet Tech News - by

It's hard to separate fact from fiction in advertising, and certainly no less so when dealing with web hosting providers. Bold, broad-sweeping claims are endlessly repeated in a shameless effort to keep you from reading the fine print. In an age where it seems there are almost as many web hosting providers as there are websites to be hosted, competition is fierce, and competing web hosting providers will say almost anything to get you to sign up with them.

That's why you need to know what to look for, how to read between the lines, so that you don't fall victim to any of the most common scams that plague the internet in the guise of once-in-a-lifetime offers you absolutely can't refuse.

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Get Inbound Links to Get Your Website Noticed

Mar 19, 2006 - Linknet Internet News - I readily admit that back when I was breaking into online marketing I spent about three months going through the "submission" ritual. But after I learned how search engines actually collect information about web sites I immediately abandoned this practice.

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Here is why getting inbound links is the best way to get indexed:

1. Search engines index pages because they have found them by following a link from an already indexed page. The more links you have pointing to your page, and the more significant those links, the faster your page will get indexed, and the higher its ranking for the relevant keywords will be. Theoretically, to get your site indexed, you only need one inbound link from a site that itself regularly gets spidered.

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2. "Submitting" your pages to search engines does not remove the necessity to be linked from somewhere. If there are no links pointing to your site, chances are, submission will not help.

3. Once you are indexed, constant submission is not going to help you. Yes, it's true that the major search engines regularly re-crawl sites, but why would they re-crawl your site if there is nothing new for them to find. What will help you is regular updating of your pages and getting more links. As the search engines learn that your pages are worth spidering (because your pages regularly change and contain useful content), they will get crawled more often.

4. When your site is "submitted" to "thousands of search engines and web directories", your email address is also submitted to each of these sites and it immediately gets put on a list of suckers who can be spammed mercilessly. In fact these submission companies will very likely sell your name to other email marketers who will then make your address available to an endless list of spammers.

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If you want to get your site indexed, you need links pointing at your site. One way is to submit your site to a few website directories or linking services that you know will trigger the search engines to visit your site.

It is not always easy to find sites like this. One sure method is to find a site in your category and have a look at the backlinks that point at the site. Find a few sites that are reported in the backlinks, and then try to get links from those sites.

In spite of the popularity of link exchange programs, this is probably the least effective way to get your site indexed. Many webmasters who engage in link exchange programs try to get a valuable link in exchange for a value-less one. More often than not they will put your link on a relatively useless page.

An easier and much faster, more efficient way is to buy quality links from a service like Linknet Promotions. Yes, it is self-serving to say this, but usually the links you buy from a link service are on decent pages and are much more likely to get the attention of the search engine spiders.

Buying a listing in a unique service like the Linknet "Business Webs" blog will get you in a blog that gets crawled on a regular basis (every day). This blog is also syndicated on more than 35 high quality, already indexed pages. So one link gets multiplied into more than 35.

These links are virtually guaranteed to get you the kind of action you are looking for. I have seen it happen hundreds of times.

Rick Hendershot is president of Linknet Promotions Inc.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Affiliate Programs Explained

Here is a good article by Ian Simpson that explains affiliate marketing.

Affilate Programs Explained

Affiliate programs are very popular on the internet. If you do not have your own product to sell and you want to have a shot at earning some money on the internet, then affiliate marketing is the way to go.

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More people are discovering the power of affiliate marketing to supplement or even replace their existing income. But there are even more people who would like to have a slice of this exciting world but are unsure exactly what an affiliate program is or what it consists of.

When discussing an affiliate program, it helps to compare it to a traditional networking company where a network of salespeople and distributors are recruited to sell their products to all corners of the globe...

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