Wednesday, July 19, 2006 Starts Selling Groceries Online

July 19, 2006 - Linknet Online Shopping News Digest - has announced it the launching of a new online grocery store with about 15,000 items ranging from household products to organic food. The new grocery store sells more than 1,200 brands from well-known consumer names like Nestle, Kellogg, Kraft, and Procter and Gamble.

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Now you can order a can of tuna along with any other purchase from and shipping can be bundled with your other goods -- in other words, shipping will be free.

Customers who order $25 or more or are members of the "Amazon Prime" free shipping program can get free standard shipping. Shoppers can buy items in single serving portions, but many offerings are in larger quantities.

This means is going head to head with online grocery retailers like and Peapod LLC

Linknet News Digest

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Online Health Network Launched

July 13, 2006 - Linknet Health News

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Online Health Network Launched

NEW YORK ChoiceMedia, Inc. has announced that the company has changed its name to The HealthCentral Network. The President and CEO of the company, Christopher M. Schroeder, was formerly the top executive at

The new network has launched 25 new health specific websites and is aiming to be a top Web desitination for medical- and health-related information. The company's award-winning content combines medically-reviewed original content from doctors, researchers, and expert patients, as well as news, information, video and other multi-media.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Trade Show Booth Strategy

July 12, 2006 - Linknet Business News

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Create a Trade Show Booth That Generates Buzz

by Dick Wheeler

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in early January 2006 was a blow-out four-day trade show attracting some 150,000 guests and 2,500 exhibitors. The trade show floor was 28 football field's worth of space and exhibits spanned 1.6 billion square feet of convention space. This dynamic trade show gave us a peek into the future of a plug and play lifestyle where we can work, play, and keep in touch when we want, where we want.

"The incredible momentum around these new products and services shows that the digital lifestyle has truly gone mainstream this year," Microsoft chairman Bill Gates said in his opening keynote address. "Now it's time to bring together the devices, software, and services in people's lives and take all these experiences to the next level."

To introduce the latest technologies, the most effective trade show displays combined drama, creativity and design to broadcast their message and pound home their brand awareness. On the other hand, there were trade show exhibits that lacked creativity and pizzazz and went virtually unnoticed by the milling show floor throng.

Read the rest of Create a Trade Show Booth That Generates Buzz

Monday, July 10, 2006

Vonage Hit With Another Law Suit

July 10, 2006- Linknet Internet News

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Vonage Hit With Another Law Suit

Vonage has turned into an easy target for competitors and rival technology companies. Previously sued by Verizon over alleged patent infringement, the company is now being sued by ET Klausner Technologies Inc. over its Internet voicemail services, alleging patent infringement and seeking damages and royalties of $180 million.

Klausner, controls patents covering Voice over Internet voicemail -- an important feature of the Vonage service. It reportedly has recently granted AOL a license under the same patent for Internet voicemail services.

Vonage has proven to be quite vulnerable since its initial success and its subsequent disappointing public share offering.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Arby's Ad Campaign Mocks Chicken Rivals

July 5, 2006 - Linknet Business News

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Arby's Ad Campaign Mocks Chicken Rivals

According to a report in Wall Street Journal the fast food chain Arby's has unveiled a new series of ads that mocks the quality of chicken served by rivals McDonald's and Wendy's.

The ads, claim their chicken is 100% all natural chicken while their competitors are using chicken that is only 70% "pure". The report says the ads show a young man standing before the executive board of the rivals' companies, appealing to them to use all natural chicken. The young man is then laughed out of or thrown out of the room depending on the ad.

According to the WSJ Arby's is the 12th largest fast-food operator by sales. McDonald's is the biggest market player while Wendy's is the third biggest. Arby's advertising budget is $98.6 million compared to $770 million for McDonalds and $383.1 million for Wendy's.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Now You Can Use Sears Cards on Sears Website

July 4, 2006 - Linknet Shopping

Customers have been requesting this for years.

Shopping online has just taken a leap forward for Sears customers and holders of Sears cards. Gift card recipients can now use cards to make purchases at as well as in the store.

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It is now a lot easier for customers to buy products not carried in stores and found only on the Web site. "We hope that the customers will recognize that this is a great step forward for Sears gift cards," says Babette Halder, manager of B2B Gift Cards at Sears.

A customer survey reveals that redeeming gift cards online is one of the most frequently requested features and Sears has been working on it for a while. "People have been asking about it for a long time and are excited about the availability," Halder says.

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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Warnings About Cell Phones and Lightning

July 2, 2006 - Linknet Mobile News

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Warnings About Cell Phones and Lightning

A 15-year-old girl was struck by lightning while using her cell phone in a London park last year. Some doctors and health advocates are warning against the outdoor use of the devices during storms.

Because she suffered cardiac arrest when struck the girl has no memory of the incident. She survived the strike, but is confined to a wheelchair, has lost some hearing in the ear she was holding the phone to, and suffers a variety of physical, cognitive and emotional problems.

Three British doctors writing in the British Medical Journal warned of cell phone use during lightning storms. "This rare phenomenon is a public health issue, and education is necessary to highlight the risk of using mobile phones outdoors during stormy weather to prevent future fatal consequences from lightning-strike injuries related to mobile phones."

But other experts dispute these conclusions, pointing to other variables that may have caused the incident.

John Drengenberg manager of consumer affairs at Underwriters Laboratories Inc., said "I am not aware of any research on a cell phone being a particular attractor of lightning. There's nothing that would indicate they would attract lightning other than the fact that this girl with her cell phone and antenna would be something that would be the only thing that lightning would go to in that area."

Those who warn of the dangers suggest that the proximity of the conductive materials in the phone would disrupt the "flashover" effect caused by the skin in normal lightning strikes. A person's skin is quite resistant to electrical conductivity and usually prevents serious damage to the interior of the body. But "flashover" can result in greater damage and more deaths.

In spite of this convincing sounding theory, the group could find only three other instances where death or serious injury resulted from a lightning strike while using a cell phone.

Experts generally warn against using any electrical appliance during a thunderstorm, including landline phones and household appliances.