Friday, September 30, 2005

Search Engine Advertising - What Works Best?

In a recent article (Sept 30/05) in WebProNews, Jim Hedger summarizes a number of studies that look at which listings searchers are more likely to click onto: "organic" (free) or paid (ppc/Adwords).

His conclusions boil down to this:

1. Searchers tend to trust organic (free) listings more than paid ones -- one study suggested a ratio of 6:1 in favour of free listings.

2. Being at the top of the search page is extremely important. Positions 1 and 2 get about 2/3 of the clicks; positions 9 and 10 get only about 1/10 of the clicks.

3. Site descriptions that show up in free searches are often what determines which listing gets the click. "Search users are reading before clicking."

For two programs that are aimed specifically at influencing search engine rankings see:

Article Promotions - Original articles written about your service, with links to your site, and then published on multiple websites.

Power Listings - Your site featured in search engine friendly listings and published on multiple sites.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Invoice Factoring - Business Capital from Your Receivables

You can get the capital you need for your business by using Invoice Factoring. Invoice Factoring is the easiest way to get you the capital you need very quickly. Universal Funding Corporation provides industry specific factoring to a variety of industries.

Invoice Factoring involves selling the interest in your accounts receivables or invoices to a factor at a small discount. Also called, "accounts receivable financing".

Universal Funding Invoice Factoring is competitive with banks, and much faster for offering capital for a variety of industries. This solution makes solid business sense.

Invoice Factoring provides financing for hundreds of thousands of businesses each year from multi-million dollar to smaller companies. All companies can factor their invoices.

Universal Funding is a premier Invoice Factoring Company and we are extremely easy to work with. We have a very high approval rating for our customers. Nearly every business that submits an application with us is almost instantly approved. Add to that our extremely low cost and no contracts or minimums. Give us a call today to see how easy Receivable Factoring can be.

Utilizing Universal Funding Invoice Factoring services can truly boost your cash flows to a previously unforeseen level. Imagine having all of the money from your Invoices now instead of 30-120 days from now.

Call 1-800-901-2418 for Immediate Assistance

Or fill in our Invoice Factoring Express Approval Form.

You can even Chat with us online.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Writing and Distributing Articles good way to get links

It is a well know fact, but bears repeating, that writing and distributing articles is a good way to get attention to your site, and a good way to get links.

Most people involved in web marketing seem to appreciat this, and I am getting very good response to our new Linknet Article Program.

A couple of days ago I started promoting a Platinum distribution service. There's the basic distribution to 20 sites. Platinum will distribute to a much larger number of top notch sites, and several high subscription distribution lists. See Article Options for more info.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Real Estate Listings introduced at Linknet Blogs

At Linknet we've just introduced a listing service called Hot Real Estate. This is part of the Linknet Promo Blog series which also includes Premium Listings, and will also include World Travels.

Here are the distinctive features of these special Promo Blogs

- Your listing always contains an active link to your website

- Your listing is fine-tuned to have maximum impact on the Search Engines.

- Listing Title and keyword composition are matched to your most important keywords.

- Your listing is refreshed every two weeks. That means you get a new listing every 14 days (at least).

- Listings are syndicated and run on at least 20 high value web pages on at least 20 different sites.

- New hosts for Promo Blog feeds are constantly being added.

Go here for more information on Promo Blog listings

Monday, September 19, 2005

Article About Cancer Fund Raising

Along with the annual Terry Fox Run comes my own questioning of the motives behind the raising of all this money. Terry Fox is a Canadian hero, and it is sacreligious to say anything negative about "cancer research", but I wonder if the Terry Fox legacy is actually being honored at the highest levels.

Read the post in my "Beat Prostate Cancer" blog

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Get Free Links by Hosting Premium Listings from Promo Blog

Webmasters! For a limited time you can get 35 free links when you host Premium Listings from Linknet Promo Blog.

Just add our simple code to a page on your server and you're good to go. Your Free Links are from a minimum of 25 different websites, and include 10 links from PR3 pages.

You also have the opportunity to earn money with Premium Listings Affiliate Program when it is announced.

For more information see Hosting Premium Listings at Promo Blog.

Premium Listings available at

Now you can take advantage of the lowest cost method of creating fresh new links to your site. Premium Listings from Linknet Blogs gives you a fresh new listing every two weeks. Listings get spidered on a daily basis. Your link is also posted on a minimum of 20 web pages and growing.

For more information see Premium Listings at Promo Blog.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Article Publishing Sites

Here is a list of article publishing sites. I use some of these for the Article Promo Program.

The Article Publishing sites list can be found here:

Article Publishing Sites

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Top 10 Must Do List for Online Sales Websites

from Linknet Reprint Articles

Here are the top 10 things you "must do" if you want to create a website that sells products online.

1. Search Engine Optimization — Page Name, Page Title, Metatags
Does your page name include your most important keyword? Is your most important keyword used in your page title, and emphasized in your keyword list and description tag?

2. Search Engine Optimization — Keyword Usage
Do you emphasize your most important keywords throughout the relevant pages?

3. Website Design — Page Organization, Navigation
Have you organized your pages to focus on the most important aspects or categories of your products or services? Are your website navigation links or toolbars easy to understand and easy to use?

4. Website Design — Visual Appeal
Is your website visually appealing, and are the components professional looking?

5. Product Definition — Description
Is your product clearly defined? Is it obvious what you are selling, and how prospective customers can buy it?

6. Product Definition — Features and Benefits
Have you spelled out the features of your product, and how it compares to competitors? Have you told prospective customers "what's in it for me?"

7. Response-Readiness — Call to Action
Do you have a clear "Call to Action", including mechanisms for moving prospects along to the next stage in the ordering process?

8. Response-Readiness — Collecting Leads
Do you have techniques built into your website to get contact information from prospective customers (e.g., autoresponders)?

9. Follow-Up Techniques — Support Material
Do you provide prospective customers with compelling support material and/or testimonials that demonstrate the value of your product?

10. Follow-Up Techniques — Customer Support
Do you have readily-accessible "live" customer support and no-hassle ordering procedures that makes it easy for prospects to move seamlessly from "Yes, I'm interested" to "Here's my payment"?

For more information about website advertising and promotion programs see Linknet Promotion Products.