Friday, August 26, 2005

Be Sure to Choose Online Gambling Sites Carefully

Wherever money passes hands on the web there is usually a scam lurking around the corner. Online gambling has a well-earned reputation for being wide open to abuse.

On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of people are doing online gambling, because it is interesting, challenging, the stakes are generally fairly low, and yes, there are some trustworthy gambling websites out there that are well-designed and fun to use.

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Monday, August 22, 2005

New Book Examines Mississippi Civil Rights History

Where Rebels Roost - Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited

By M. Susan Klopfer, with Fred J. Klopfer and Barry C. Klopfer

In the hot summer before the cold winter in which our nation entered the war to end all wars, two black males were born. Both were murdered in the Mississippi Delta... Emmett Till died at 14, and Cleve McDowell only lived to be 56.

Some call the modern Civil Rights Movement the second Reconstruction or even the second Civil War. There were familiar themes: mistreatment of blacks, demands for sovereignty or self determination of Mississippi, and the good guys won.

Tribute to Emmett Till

But as freedom volunteers packed up and left the Delta in 1964, brutality and murder continued. Some stories made it into the news and later history books, but too often, critical facts were slanted or incomplete. And too often ften the stories from the rural Delta did not make it out of the region.

The official Movement that took place during the middle years of the 1950s through the 1960s formally began outside of Mississippi when Rosa Parks refused to be seated at the back of a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. But well before her decision in 1955, the anger was already there and it was building. By the mid 1940s Anglo-Saxons throughout the South were finding it harder than ever to protect their over-extended turfs, especially as black soldiers returned home from WWII and Korea with lists of new demands.

Returning veterans like James Meredith, Medgar Evers and Amzie Moore were among many motivated to capture the freedom they had fought for and helped to win.

Where Rebels Roost - Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited offers the newest information on civil rights murders in the Delta from recently opened files from the Sovereignty Commission. Uncivil Rites opens with the introduction of slavery into the Delta and moves through the Civil War, when many African Americans fought for the Union, into Reconstruction followed by years of anguish, as those enslaved seemed to lose everything that was gained. It took the modern Civil Rights movement and even more years to bring the vote to Delta blacks and it was to the credit of the Delta’s civil rights foot soldiers, people like McDowell, Birdia Keglar, Rev. George Lee and others who fought for their freedoms.

Mississippi Civil Rights Revisited; "Where Rebels Roost." New book emphasizes voting rights and newest information on Emmett Till and Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman (Neshoba County); 690 pages, 1200 footnotes; 1000+ names of murdered victims.

Read free chapters. Learn more now about the civil rights movement and voting rights.

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Friday, August 12, 2005

Long Term and Short Term Web Traffic

Since we are in the business of generating links for customers, I often get asked if getting links pointing at one's website will result in an immediate traffic boost.

Many link sellers will say "Absolutely!". But my experience is that the normal type of links we are talking about -- links from low to medium traffic sites -- will generate very little immediate traffic. Acquiring links is a long term strategy. You will eventually gain exposure, and therefore traffic, in at least these two ways:

1. You will get clicks on your links, but only in little dribs and drabs.
2. You will influence the search engines to give you higher ranking for your most important keywords, and therefore will get traffic from free searches.

But these will not happen overnight. They are long term strategies that will take months to have an impact. The truth, however, is that a few months on the internet is nothing.

If you want immediate traffic there is no better way to get it than to run Pay Per Click (PPC)ads. My own experience is that using Google Adwords is the most effective way to advertise in order to get immediate response.

Of course this depends to a large extent on your product. If nobody ever searches for your product even PPC ads will not get traffic to your site because there is simply none (or very little) to get.

On the other hand, PPC ads cost money for every click, so you'd better take advantage of the traffic when you get it. If you do not have a strategy for "converting" traffic to sales, you would be wise to develop one before spending money on getting traffic to your site. Among other things, this means:

1. Fine tuning your product so it appeals to site visitors
2. Develop a landing page that presents a simple, strong, and direct sales message
3. Set up an ordering and payment processing system to make taking orders and receiving payments as brainless as possible.

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Monday, August 08, 2005

Will Yahoo! Publisher Network offer competition with Adsense

A recent article by Jim Hedger of Stepforth News outlines Yahoo's new Adsense killer: Yahoo! Publisher Network. According to Hedger, "...Yahoo! has had two long years to study the AdSense model and
appear to have adopted a unique publisher-focused philosophy
offering small and medium sized publishers access to syndicated
Yahoo! products and services in a bid to brand Yahoo! content as
well as Yahoo! generated paid-advertising. In other words,
Yahoo! is not only serving paid-ads to webmasters, it is also
helping them bulk site content with Yahoo! products such as
search, shopping, travel, RSS, user-option personalization
featured, and eventually, Yahoo! syndicated music and video

In other words, this service will go beyond Adsense by offering more than just context-sensitive ads. Yahoo's service will also offer internet publishers other kinds of context sensitive content.

Read the article:


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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pages Matched to Keywords

One of the most important factors determining the value of inbound links is the "relevance" of the content containing the link. For instance, if your site is about "online shopping", then links from other pages with an online shopping section will generally be considered valuable. At least more valuable than links from pages about, say, horse racing, poker, french cuisine, or, worst of all, a mish mash of unrelated links on a link directory page.

We've recently developed a method of creating pages that focus on very specific keywords. So, for instance, if your site is about "online shopping", we can generate a number of perfectly legitimate and useful pages about "online shopping". This content is not spam, is not stolen from some other site, and it is definitely not the kind of content generated by programs like "Search Engine Cloaker" (pages of mumbo jumbo seeded with target keywords and live links.)

Linknet links work. They help give your site visibility and enhance its importance in the eyes of the search engines. This "relevance factor" is one of the reasons why.

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