Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm Starting a New Blog

After immersing myself in SEO theory, traffic generation and Web 2.0 stuff for the last few months I've decided to refocus my marketing efforts and reorganize things a bit.

So I'm starting a new blog that will let me concentrate my marketing thoughts and experiments as well as serve as the "newsletter" for our company marketing efforts. It will be called The Linknet SEO Strategy Report (or something like that), and it will be found at an old domain I registered a couple of years ago and did nothing with, namely

As one of several case studies I'll be conducting over the next few months, we'll see how quickly I can get it up to speed and start getting traffic. I will be pulling out all the stops (time permitting of course) to make an impact quickly.

On the content side I intend to create an ongoing series of tightly themed articles and turn them into videos and audio presentations. Then I will use every distribution and bookmarking technique I am aware of to get exposure and drive traffic.

If it works (and why shouldn't it!) I will publish the step by step process we went through to get it going and make it successful.