Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Resources for Online Business Sites

Jan 31, 2006 - Linknet Business News

Small Business Opportunity Seekers are usually either looking to start a new business venture, or enhance or expand their current business activities. There are thousands of internet sites dealing with this topic. Unfortunately, finding truly helpful resources online is difficult since different websites interpret the term "business opportunities" in different ways.

== Start a business and makes lots of money ==

If you have your own online busiess, or have a product or service that may appeal to Small Business Opportunity seekers, there are many resources online to help you do this. Here is one that may be helpful.

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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Using Articles to get traffic and impress the search engines

from Linknet Internet News

Embedding your links in articles is one of the best methods of rapidly increasing your inbound links. Many times a well-written article will show up in hundreds of places on the web. And if it has your link embedded in it, that will obviously increase your inbound links. Webmasters pick up these articles because they want content to enhance the value of their sites.

== Pagerank-Optimierung durch Aufbau von Links ==

Articles will also generate direct traffic because people who read them are already interested in your subject matter, and are therefore more likely to click on your link.

This suggests that the most valuable place to publish your article is in a themed or categorized article resource. For instance, if your product is "health" related, having it published on health-oriented sites will be more valuable than having it published on generic sites.

You can even take this a step further. If your article is about something more specific like mesothelioma advice, then getting it published on sites that focus on "mesothelioma" will get more "reads", and have a greater influence on the search engines.

Second, when embedding your link, try to use anchor text that contains one of your important keywords, not just your URL or web address. Remember that search engines are dumb. One of your objectives is to have them relate your website to specific search terms (keywords or key phrases). And the best way to do that is to use them as your anchor text.

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Monday, January 23, 2006

Canadian Business to spend more on tech in 2006

January 22 - Linknet Product News

Research conducted by IDC reveals Canadian small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) spend about 42 per cent less per worker on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) than their U.S. counterparts.

While there do exist shining examples of Canadian SMBs using ICT to improve operational efficiencies, studies have also shown that these examples are few and far between.

In 2006, technology companies will assume a greater responsibility in educating the SMB market about the importance of investing in ICT to remain competitive. As a result, a responsive SMB sector -- the just under one-million SMBs (one to 20 employees) that account for 86 per cent of Canadian companies Statistics Canada, Business Register, December 2004 -- will see an increase in business efficiencies and market penetration.

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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Microsoft getting serious about its Adwords competitor

January 14, 2006 - Linknet Internet News

Microsoft is barely in the search engine contextual advertising game, but they are trying hard to change that. The MSFT services-based strategy that lies behind the feature rich new verison of Windows Live (MSN Messenger) depends on advertising dollars, and so far they haven't found a way to crack the Google and Yahoo stranglehold on this market.

With lots of money and patience, Microsoft has spent more than a year developing and testing adCenter, and it will be formally launched in June, 2006. That's when the MS contract with Yahoo runs out.

According to MSFT, adCenter will have "the ability to deliver fine-grained demographic data -- ages, location, interests." Neither Google nor Yahoo can currently make that claim.

By itself, MSN Search does not provide the critical mass for running successful PPC ad campaigns. But that will be offset by the large subscriber base of other MSN services -- in particular Messenger.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tool for Formatting Text Articles

If you have tried to post articles in various places on the web -- such as Click-Partners.com or Traffic Advisor.com, you know that one of the biggest time wasters is figuring out the formatting instructions for each site.

Here is an ASCII text formatting tool that will help. This is an online tool that will give you character count, word count, and more. It will also break your lines at whatever number of characters per line you request.

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Friday, January 06, 2006

What to Look for in a Web Hosting Company

from Linknet Internet News, January 3, 2006

The Basics to look for in a web host

* 24/7 Live Support by e-mail and Live Chat - There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to get quick response from the technical people at your hosting company. Every reputable host has 24/7/365 support by email. Many now have 24/7 Live Chat as well.

* The ability to easily upgrade your hosting plan - As your business grows you may need to upgrade your plan. This should be a simple, transparent process that does not involve any downtime.

* A web-based control panel - You need this to add or modify email accounts, work with databases, change site configuration, and do basic editing of files.

* 24/7 FTP access - You will want to make changes to your site at unpredictable times, so you will need FTP access to the site at all times.

* Web-based e-mail - Your colleagues and employees will want to pick up their email from anywhere, not just their primary computer. Webmail is the easiest way to give that feature.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Google Local integrates maps, local product search

Everybody agrees that local search is going to be very big in the next couple of years. Say you're looking for a place to buy an digital camera in a particular city. Just do a search for "digital camera in MyTown", and Google Local will give you a detailed street map of the area along with stores that carry the product, and locations indicated on the map.

Since products are indexed by keyword, you can search for virtually anything, rather than being restricted to the categories pre-defined by a service like the yellow pages.

Also unlike the yellow pages Google Local includes all stores they have a listing for, not just paying advertisers. Local gives you a map with locations, plus listings with links direct to the stores. The potential for this resource seems awesome.

Plus Google Local has integrated a very slick map utility that arguably looks better (simpler) and in some ways works faster than other services such as MapQuest. For instance, you can search for a relatively obscure place like Carlyle, Saskatchewan or Brora, Scotland and you are taken to a detailed street map for the entire region. If you are looking for a broader overview of the area, you can just grab the map and scroll along a highway or the coast without having to click on navigation arrows as you do with MapQuest.

Google has also integrated its satellite imaging service into Local. If you are looking at a specific map and would rather see a satellite image of the area, just click on "satellite". Or if you would like to see the satellite image with a map overlay, you can see that too, by clicking on "hybrid".

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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Major TV networks putting more shows online

from Linknet Business News

2005 was the year that major TV networks started to seriously dabble in online TV programming.

In October, ABC began to sell downloads of complete, ad-free episodes of top shows like "Lost" and "Desperate Housewives,". Some think this signals the advent of the long-predicted convergence of TV and online.

Since October, several other networks have made shows available through a joint agreement with iTunes. These include Disney, NBC Universal, Sci Fi Channel, and USA Network.

Now CBS is using online distribution to promote two popular comedies "Two and a Half Men" and "How I Met Your Mother." The network will make two complete episodes of each of the Monday night sitcoms available for one week in a deal with Yahoo! The promotion is called the "CBS Comedy Bowl."

Both half-hour shows, were broadcast earlier in the season, and will be streamed ad-free in Yahoo!'s video player. The video player is available from Yahoo! TV. Yahoo TV features TV listings and show previews and is gradually adding new video content.

"We want to be where the viewers are, and this exclusive partnership with Yahoo! gives us the chance to target an expanded online audience for 'Two and a Half Men' and 'How I Met Your Mother' at a time of the year when many potential viewers are home on vacation and surfing the Internet," Nancy Tellem, president of the CBS Paramount Network Television Entertainment Group, said in a statement.

Previous CBS initiatives included a September effort with Google to stream its "Everybody Hates Chris" premiere. Then in October, CBS made audio podcasts of select shows available on iTunes. These include "Survivor Live", "60 Minutes," "Guiding Light," and "NFL Hot Topic."

Earlier in 2005, AOL launched In2TV, a more aggressive broadband video network that will offer episodes of more than 30 classic TV series. Offerings will be available in January and will carry 15 and 30 second video ads. Promotion of this service was one of the major reasons behind the renewed Google/AOL partnership.

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