Thursday, September 01, 2005

Top 10 Must Do List for Online Sales Websites

from Linknet Reprint Articles

Here are the top 10 things you "must do" if you want to create a website that sells products online.

1. Search Engine Optimization — Page Name, Page Title, Metatags
Does your page name include your most important keyword? Is your most important keyword used in your page title, and emphasized in your keyword list and description tag?

2. Search Engine Optimization — Keyword Usage
Do you emphasize your most important keywords throughout the relevant pages?

3. Website Design — Page Organization, Navigation
Have you organized your pages to focus on the most important aspects or categories of your products or services? Are your website navigation links or toolbars easy to understand and easy to use?

4. Website Design — Visual Appeal
Is your website visually appealing, and are the components professional looking?

5. Product Definition — Description
Is your product clearly defined? Is it obvious what you are selling, and how prospective customers can buy it?

6. Product Definition — Features and Benefits
Have you spelled out the features of your product, and how it compares to competitors? Have you told prospective customers "what's in it for me?"

7. Response-Readiness — Call to Action
Do you have a clear "Call to Action", including mechanisms for moving prospects along to the next stage in the ordering process?

8. Response-Readiness — Collecting Leads
Do you have techniques built into your website to get contact information from prospective customers (e.g., autoresponders)?

9. Follow-Up Techniques — Support Material
Do you provide prospective customers with compelling support material and/or testimonials that demonstrate the value of your product?

10. Follow-Up Techniques — Customer Support
Do you have readily-accessible "live" customer support and no-hassle ordering procedures that makes it easy for prospects to move seamlessly from "Yes, I'm interested" to "Here's my payment"?

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