Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Real Estate Listings introduced at Linknet Blogs

At Linknet we've just introduced a listing service called Hot Real Estate. This is part of the Linknet Promo Blog series which also includes Premium Listings, and will also include World Travels.

Here are the distinctive features of these special Promo Blogs

- Your listing always contains an active link to your website

- Your listing is fine-tuned to have maximum impact on the Search Engines.

- Listing Title and keyword composition are matched to your most important keywords.

- Your listing is refreshed every two weeks. That means you get a new listing every 14 days (at least).

- Listings are syndicated and run on at least 20 high value web pages on at least 20 different sites.

- New hosts for Promo Blog feeds are constantly being added.

Go here for more information on Promo Blog listings


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