Saturday, September 24, 2005

Invoice Factoring - Business Capital from Your Receivables

You can get the capital you need for your business by using Invoice Factoring. Invoice Factoring is the easiest way to get you the capital you need very quickly. Universal Funding Corporation provides industry specific factoring to a variety of industries.

Invoice Factoring involves selling the interest in your accounts receivables or invoices to a factor at a small discount. Also called, "accounts receivable financing".

Universal Funding Invoice Factoring is competitive with banks, and much faster for offering capital for a variety of industries. This solution makes solid business sense.

Invoice Factoring provides financing for hundreds of thousands of businesses each year from multi-million dollar to smaller companies. All companies can factor their invoices.

Universal Funding is a premier Invoice Factoring Company and we are extremely easy to work with. We have a very high approval rating for our customers. Nearly every business that submits an application with us is almost instantly approved. Add to that our extremely low cost and no contracts or minimums. Give us a call today to see how easy Receivable Factoring can be.

Utilizing Universal Funding Invoice Factoring services can truly boost your cash flows to a previously unforeseen level. Imagine having all of the money from your Invoices now instead of 30-120 days from now.

Call 1-800-901-2418 for Immediate Assistance

Or fill in our Invoice Factoring Express Approval Form.

You can even Chat with us online.


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