Sunday, November 21, 2004

The Vinyl Project - Week 1 Report

As I outlined in Promoting Products with Blogs, Part 4 I have taken on a small project aimed at creating between 100 and 120 inbound links to two of my more important product web sites. The sites are and

The plan is to create 12 content-rich (keyword-rich) articles about the two product groups featured on these two sites: Vinyl Banners and Trade Show Displays. Each of these articles will contain at least one link pointing to the home page of these two sites, and a bunch of other links pointing to various pages within the sites. I will then post these articles on at least 10 article directory / archive sites such as,, etc. 12 articles times 10 sites is 120 links.

Progress Report, Sunday, Nov 21/04

Yesterday I finished writing the last of the 12 articles and have now posted them all to the first article site, Here are the links:

Links on to "Vinyl Project" articles:

Throw in an Extra Banner Stand

Banner Star has Changeable Graphic

What is a PopUp Display?

Do Special Events Require Special Websites?

Getting Piles of Trade Show Leads

Make Your PopUp Display A Winner

Not All Vinyl Banners are Created Equal

Putting Images on Large Vinyl Banners

1, 2, 3 Uses for Vinyl Banners

Super Big Vinyl Banners

Design Tips for Vinyl Banners

#1 Way to Draw Attention to Your Event

Writing Articles is Not Easy

As I point out in e_Marketing, articles don't just fall in your lap. You actually have to think of something interesting to say, write the article in an interesting, readable way, optimize it correctly with the appropriate key words, and then build in the links. And... oh yes, you have to actually post them on a bunch of different websites.

This all takes time, effort, and creative thought. Especially when the subject matter is something as relatively boring as "vinyl banners".

One of the interesting outcomes of this process is that it gave me the opportunity to RETHINK our product line and actually develop SOME NEW IDEAS! As I have said a few times in various articles, marketable product ideas are the "holy grail" for marketers. Without viable products you have to thrash around trying to figure out what (business) life is all about. But once you've got the products, life more or less takes care of itself. Everything falls into place.

Viable Product Ideas are Rare

It is not easy. A viable "product idea" is much more than an idea. It is an idea that will WORK. In this case, it must be something that we can actually produce at a reasonable price without too much waste and other inefficiencies. And, of course, something that people will BUY.

So the development of a new product idea that actually might work is a RARE OCCURRENCE.

I think I've just hit on one. It's called BIG VINYL BANNERS.

We'll see. I'll be sure to keep you posted.

-- Rick

P.S. If you're asking "Why Vinyl Banners?"... it's because...
...the company whose products I am promoting, namely Canada Display Graphics, produces large display graphics for trade shows, and other promotional venues. Vinyl Banners and PopUp Displays are two of the company's most important products.


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