Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Promoting Products with Blogs, Part 4

In the third part of this series I outlined the procedure I intend to use to systematically create link-rich posts that focus on exactly the keywords and web pages that I want to enhance.

If you recall, this involved creating lists of products, features, and web pages reflecting these features. The links in my posts ultimately point at the most appropriate web pages.

I also commented on how this was going to require creating a number of "feature" web pages because I had not really done an adequate job of this when creating my product websites.

Creating Posts Galore

As you can tell by looking at this blog, and my others at I have begun this process of creating and entering posts. This is especially apparent in the blog called Trade Show Buzz, and to a lesser extent in my other marketing blog called e_Marketing.

You many have noticed a post called How many links for a PR5? When I read this and saw the numbers required to get a PR5 as outlined in this article, this reconfirmed my commitment to "Power Linking".

But it also reinforced the fact that just one strategy is not enough. Yes, I had committed myself to this "Power Linking with Blogs" experiment, and I have no doubt it is going to work. But this strategy is going to take a relatively long time, since I have to create quite a few original, content-rich posts. And then I have to wait for their impact to settle in. Eventually (I assume) my blogs will gain some PR, and eventually this will "rub off" onto my link targets. Hopefully sooner rather than later, but I have no idea how long this is going to take.

In the meantime I realized I might as well use the content I was creating as "articles", and post them to the best performing article sites — like for instance. In fact I developed a strategy to get at least 100 new links from this source pointing at each of my two highest priority home pages: and

Here is the strategy:

1. I will create 6 original articles featuring Vinyl Banners with at least one link pointing to and a number (as high as 8) of other links pointing to other important pages in this site.

2. I will create 6 original articles featuring Trade Show Displays with at least one link pointing to These articles would also have up to 8 links pointing to other important pages in this site.

3. Each of these articles will also have a link pointing to the other site. This would be easy to accomplish by putting a "For more information..." line at the bottom of each article with links to both sites.

4. I will post all 12 articles on at least 10 different article sites. That should give me at least 120 links from these 12 articles alone, pointing to each of these two sites. I will also get the benefit of all the "secondary" links embedded within these articles (120 placements).

Sounds like a plan!

Now all I have to do is write the articles (4 down, 8 to go), and start posting. In the meantime this will give me lots of content-rich material for Trade Show Buzz.

-- Rick