Wednesday, November 17, 2004

How many links for a PR5 rank?

In a recent issue of WebProNews SEO expert Olivier Duffez summarized some of his research into the question "How many backlinks do I need to get a PR5?".

He studied 1044 sites and concluded two main things...

1. "One needs far more backlinks in order to get a high PR than a low one". See the very brief summary below.

2. "...whatever the PR is, more backlinks than the month before are required every month to get a given PR."

In other words, this second point means that if you do not continue to add backlinks to your site, your PR will eventually start going down.

Here are some average numbers of backlinks for September and October, 2004:

Sept.PR3-12 linksPR4-60 linksPR5-220 linksPR6-1307 links
Oct.PR3-17 linksPR4-75 linksPR5-288 linksPR6-1508 links

You can see his complete report at PR Weaver.

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