Thursday, November 04, 2004

Promoting Products with Blogs, Part 1

Last night I started following through on some of my ideas for "Power Linking with Blogs". The strategy consists of these main points:

1. Choose a product to promote with blog power linking.
2. Isolate about 20 main keywords related to this product.
3. Find, or create some pages within the product website where these keywords are emphasized.
4. Create 5 or 6 relatively short blog posts -- about 100 words -- in which you cycle through all the keywords, and create links pointing to all the pages referenced in #3 above.

I decided to start to seriously promote our Vinyl Banners this way. We've had great success marketing this product using Google Adwords, and are starting to see some hits coming to our sites from regular searches.

But I decided way back last December that a viable strategy was to develop two or three seperate "niche" markets based on location with their own identity, websites, and marketing programs. I called this a "Location-Focused Identity".

The two niche markets I eventually chose were

1. Canada -- with a focus on "made in Canada", and
2. The USA -- with a focus on more "patriotic" themes

I had registered the domain names months ago -- and I got both websites up and running, started a serious link exchange program, and created hundreds of inbound links to both of them by posting articles and cross-linking with my othe sites.

But I hadn't really gotten serious about promoting the US site (, even though most of our inquiries, and many of our sales come from all over the US. I decided it was time to get seious about getting some "web presence" for, and I was going to begin by using my very own "Power Linking with Blogs" strategy.

In my next post I'll detail what I've done.

-- Rick