Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Wear the Right Golf Shoes - Bite the Turf

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Mechanics and golf shoes. We have all heard the term mechanics applied to golf and particularly the golf swing.

A slight change in mechanics by any part of the body can adversely affect the way the rest of the body performs during the swing and thus affect the swing itself. The term also applies to golf shoes and their importance in controlling the mechanics of your game.

If you are even slightly familiar with how Kurt Schilling’s ankle affected his pitching during the playoffs and World Series, and how special footwear was designed to help stabilize his foot, then you will understand the importance of proper golf shoes to the golf swing.

During a golf swing, weight and torque are being transferred from the upper body to the lower body and, simultaneously, from the right leg to the left leg.

This weight shift is stabilized by the golf shoe that is biting the turf. Prior to beginning your downswing, most of your weight has shifted to your right leg. When you start the swing, you are swinging along the centerline of the right leg. This creates torque.

Without proper support of the right ankle and foot, stability is lost and that centerline will fluctuate. This leads to a loss of power from your stroke.

During impact with the ball, weight and momentum are abruptly shifted to the left leg. If the left foot and ankle are not properly supported, you’ll get a swaying motion in your body’s movement that will cause an over compensation by your upper body as it tries to assist in your overall balance. This leads to an exaggerated swing that typically causes a hook.

A good pair of golf shoes is important to provide the added support necessary to stabilize the feet during the golf swing.

Of course, you also want them to be comfortable when walking the course, bending to retrieve the ball from the cup or, if the case may be, hunting a ball in the woods.

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