Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Blog Focuses on Corporate Blogging

In my regular search for interesting blog sites and marketing information I stumbled on to The article that tweaked my interest is called More Than Links to Blogs' Search Engine Success written by the blogmaster of the site, Fredrik Wacka.

Fredrik draws on more than four years experience of blogging in business environments, so knows a bit of what he is talking about.

His main points:

Blogs are usually tightly focused, the posts are straight and to the point, and usually keyword rich, and structured in a way that is SE friendly. And they are usually linked in SE-friendly fashion as well -- to other resources that are closely related.

While on the topic of the "structure" of blog posts... one thing I've noticed: blog commentators tend to emphasize that blog content is short and to the point -- different from "articles" in this sense. Then they often go on to turn their post into a 500 word article. I am sure there is a good reason for this... and it probably has to do with the unrealistic expectations the theorists (including myself) have for "short and to the point" posts. Sometimes you just need more words.

You can find the article here: More Than Links to Blogs' Search Engine Success