Monday, February 14, 2005

Free 25 Link Exchange Made Easier

Now that I have had several webmasters take me up on my Free 25 Links offer I have been able to fine-tune it a bit to make it easier to take advantage of.

All it involves is copying the contents of this site description page to an active page within your website. The page must be linked no more than two steps from your home page.** If you have more than one site, just copy the page to all your sites. We can even supply different versions of the site description page to avoid the appearance (horrors!) of duplication.

We will then put your link(s) on a specially designed page within each of our sites. These pages will not have more than 25 outbound links.

Of course if you don't want to mess around with exchanging links we can give you the same 25 links for just $14.99. This is what I call our .

**If you don't understand this try the following: first, you have link from your home page to a link directory index page. Second, you have a link from your link directory index page to the page with our links on it. Two steps. One step would be even better -- linked directly from your home page.