Sunday, January 09, 2005

Product Line to Feature Three New Linking Products

The new product offerings for this spring from include three fantastic link purchase products:

1. Linknet Partner - This product is clearly outlined at The Linknet Network website, and initial pre-promotion has already begun in a limited way. Linknet Partners purchase 30 text ads on category-specific pages across at least 15 different websites in the Linknet Network. There are more than 25 categories including Real Estate, Finance, Mortgages and Loans, Insurance, Marketing, Web Design, Blogs, Golf, Travel, and many more. Linknet Partners subscribe on an annual basis.

2. 100 Link Blitz - Clients purchase 100 high value links on a range of partner sites. Blitz package includes a Linknet Partner subscription, plus at least 70 additional links on well-placed directories and linking partner sites. All links are placed on active pages with Page Rank. Initial one year subscription $149usd; annual renewal $59.

3. Product Feature Pages - Purchase your very own Product Feature Page — a complete page dedicated to your product or website on our product review website. Product Feature page can include photos and graphics (as long as these are readily available), and can have as many as 5 links pointing back to your (single) site. Other components of this package include:

- A summary of your product feature page (with links) placed in at least 5 Linknet blogs and announcement sites, such as Marketing Bites, e_Marketing, Trade Show Buzz, Trade Show Tips, Click-Partners, Traffic-Advisor, Free-Web-Tools, and Inside Real Estate.

- Inclusion of your product feature information in the weekly Reviews of the Week which is posted on at least 10 high traffic article and announcement sites such as,,, etc.

In total you will recieve more than 20 links pointing at your site. One year subscription is $59. Renewal, including an update of your Product Page, and resubmission to all of the above is $49.