Monday, January 17, 2005

Focus on Golf Website Promotion shows occasional flashes of promise. Very occasional.
It is hard to be objective about your own website, especially when you desperately want to do a good job on it. But the truth is, has been floundering for about 18 months. was one of my original web projects, back when I wanted it to be a significant resource for golf information. Typically I was unable to narrow down the focus so it now has a bit of everything, and a lot of nothing.

Still, the intention is to return to my original objective — to focus on reviews of golf resources such as online training sites, big name golf sites, instructional books and videos, and make it website promotion oriented, as well as develop my own golf related books.

The storytelling and opinion spouting will be saved for my golf blog and accompanying site called The WEG. And the golf travel reviews will eventually start happening over on Golf Around the World.

It's getting there slowly. Contrary to popular belief, developing good websites usually takes a lot longer than you first think.

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