Thursday, January 13, 2005

Fund Raising with Vinyl Banners

If you are part of a community group, service club, school class, or parks and rec committee, consider selling vinyl banner "spots" at your baseball or soccer field, in your local arena, or even in your school gym.

Vinyl Banners from

Banners are perfect for this because they can be printed in full colour with striking graphics, they are weather resistant. They also come with grommets or pole pockets so you can easily attach them to a fence or hang them on a wall.

A typical softball field has a fence which is roughly 40" - 50" high, with segments of approximately 8'-9' — a perfect size for a 3' x 8' vinyl banner.

Here is how you would calculate the revenue potential. The cost for a 3' x 8' full colour banner would be $156 cdn. Advertising charge per banner, say, $400 for the first year. The available advertising spots around an outfield fence 25 - 40 (just on the outfield fence, not including the foul lines)

So let's say you sell 20 banners:

Total revenue, 1st year: $8,000 (20 banners x $400)
Total production cost: $3,120
Less 20% volume discount: -$624
Plus shipping and handling: $200
Total Net Profit: $5,304

These banners are fully weatherproof, so they could stay in place all year round, and would last at least three years. Charge a renewal rate of, say, $300 for the second and third years for a net profit of $6,000 each in years 2 and 3.

Profit for three years: $17,304.

Not bad for selling 20 banners.

For more information on Fund Raising with Vinyl Banners, visit our site at Vinyl Banners Online. We are currently preparing a sales kit to help you organize a banner campaign.

Read more about this program at Vinyl Banners for Fundraising Overview


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