Saturday, October 30, 2004

My Blog Experiment

Rick Hendershot

As I mentioned in a previous post about blogs, I'm starting a "blog experiment" to determine how useful and effective the blogging concept might be for my own online marketing purposes. The truth is, I don't know a whole lot about blogs, so the purpose of my experiment will be to determine:

-- How are blogs different from programs like Postnuke? (Postnuke is the CMS software I use for four other "blog-like" journal/article directories:,,,
-- How does the blog format contribute to the typical online marketer's objectives?
-- Are blog links more likely to get listed by Google than others?
-- What is the easiest or "best" blogging software to use?
-- Do blogs generate more interest, traffic, response, etc., than other types of websites dealing with similar subject matter?

I am sure most of these questions have already been answered by many other webmasters and bloggers. But things change quickly on the web and yesterday's answers may not be accurate for today. New software is rapidly being developed, and policies/procedures towards blog links and google bombing with blogs are evolving.

Plus I think I can use the blog format to further my own marketing objectives. As a result I am going to start at least 5 new blogs, use different software for some of them, and see how they "perform" relative to each other and to my other sites.

The areas I am going to cover are: Internet Marketing, Trade Show Displays, Golf, Real Estate, and one other as yet undetermined.

Comments are welcome. I'll keep you posted.

-- Rick
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