Friday, October 22, 2004

Business Card Displays #2

Analysis of "business card displays" text.

I did a quick search in Google for "business card displays" The page n the #1 position says this:

"Business Card Holders - Desk Displays and Pocket Wallets
Business card holders are ideal for keeping your business cards clean and organized. It looks more professional having a xxxxxx business card holder and you are less likely to lose them than if they were loose in your wallet or pocket. They make a good corporate or promotional gift and metal holders can be engraved with your company name to be given out as a marketing tool. Desk business card displays that sit on your desktop keep your business cards available and easily accessible. Business card cases that can be carried comfortably in your pocket are great when you are on the move.

"Desk business card holders
Desktop business card holders are usually made of acrylic – these are clear plastic stands that sit on your desk displaying your business cards. The advantage of these is that you have access to the information you need right in front of you without having to search through draws or pockets. There are several designs available – a triangular base with a slit that business cards slot into is one design. These have the advantage of being stable and are not knocked over easily but the cards are not covered so can get dirty and marked. A similar design is a type of desk display which is also triangular in shape, like a Toblerone (a chocolate bar) or a tent, with one edge acting as the base and the other two edges being large enough to hold business cards. These have the advantage of being double-sided so you can fit twice as many cards in."

Further study will reveal the significance of this text. If there is any...

Anton Brule, The Traffic Advisor

2 comments: said...

I have seen the choc. bar concept and it is quite impressive. Although I think I'll opt out of becoming a consumer anytime soon until they are a little more established in the business.
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