Tuesday, October 19, 2004

What is a Business Card Display, #1

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by Rick Hendershot, www.small-business-online.com

This article is not really about "business card displays". It is about the mysterious art of "Search Engine Optimization", and a complaint about the puzzling way that Google occasionally categorizes and ranks websites.

The website in question is www.freecard.com, the subject matter of which is the promotion of a product called the Free Card Business Card Display. This is not your typical "business card display". For instance, it is not one of those little card holders people put on their desks. And it is not a non-descript plastic rack that holds a bunch of business cards.

Rather, it is a very specific kind of device that dispenses business cards one by one. Typically an advertiser buys a compartment for a period of time. His or her business card is placed in the front of the compartment, on "display" -- this is why it is called a "business card display". Then people who are interested in one of the displayed services can take the appropriate card.

The Google problem
Various pages within www.freecard.com have been carefully optimized for specific keywords. This seems like a fairly narrow and quite specific category, and one for which there is not a great deal of competition. Therefore one would think it would be fairly easy to score well with Google. However, after a number of months www.freecard.com is essentially nowhere in Google.

Is this the right keyword?

Yes, but for a variety of reasons we won't spell out how we know this. Our competition has been stealing ideas, keywords, meta tags, etc.

What can be done about it?

As I see it, there are a few things that can be done. But for the same reason as above, I won't say what they are.

Rick Hendershot, email

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