Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Pages Matched to Keywords

One of the most important factors determining the value of inbound links is the "relevance" of the content containing the link. For instance, if your site is about "online shopping", then links from other pages with an online shopping section will generally be considered valuable. At least more valuable than links from pages about, say, horse racing, poker, french cuisine, or, worst of all, a mish mash of unrelated links on a link directory page.

We've recently developed a method of creating pages that focus on very specific keywords. So, for instance, if your site is about "online shopping", we can generate a number of perfectly legitimate and useful pages about "online shopping". This content is not spam, is not stolen from some other site, and it is definitely not the kind of content generated by programs like "Search Engine Cloaker" (pages of mumbo jumbo seeded with target keywords and live links.)

Linknet links work. They help give your site visibility and enhance its importance in the eyes of the search engines. This "relevance factor" is one of the reasons why.

For more information about Linknet, see the Linknet Advertising Network.


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