Monday, August 08, 2005

Will Yahoo! Publisher Network offer competition with Adsense

A recent article by Jim Hedger of Stepforth News outlines Yahoo's new Adsense killer: Yahoo! Publisher Network. According to Hedger, "...Yahoo! has had two long years to study the AdSense model and
appear to have adopted a unique publisher-focused philosophy
offering small and medium sized publishers access to syndicated
Yahoo! products and services in a bid to brand Yahoo! content as
well as Yahoo! generated paid-advertising. In other words,
Yahoo! is not only serving paid-ads to webmasters, it is also
helping them bulk site content with Yahoo! products such as
search, shopping, travel, RSS, user-option personalization
featured, and eventually, Yahoo! syndicated music and video

In other words, this service will go beyond Adsense by offering more than just context-sensitive ads. Yahoo's service will also offer internet publishers other kinds of context sensitive content.

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