Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Google PR Update Update

There has been a fair bit of gnashing of teeth since Google's most recent PR update last week. I have not been able to assess the "damage" in a very thorough way, but my impression is that things have not changed much with my sites. A few things I've noticed:

1. My first PR5 for
2. One PR4 was demoted to a PR3. This was a site I have been ignoring, so it was probably justified.
3. A couple of other PR3s were promoted to PR4.
4. A number of interior pages were moved down from PR2 to PR1.

Most SEO experts think the recent changes reflect a more rigorous application of new rules. My own impression is that rankings are still pretty inconsistent. I continue to think that PR is less and less important in the overall scheme of things.


My new Linknet Advertising project is scheduled to be released August 1, but more likely will be unveiled around August 15.


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