Monday, May 09, 2005

We Guarantee our Data Recovery

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Need Data Recovery? Don't Panic -- We Can Help Rescue Your Data!

All Brands, All Media -- No Strings Attached


Hard Drive Recovery - IDE/ATAPI, SCSI, SATA, USB, and FireWire internal & portable hard drives. Manufacturers such as Western Digital, Maxtor, Seagate, Quantum, IBM, Hitachi, and more...

Server Recovery - NAS, SAN, DAS, RAID Arrays

Too big to ship? Need emergency service? Choose 24x7 Critical Response Service and we'll come to you!

Removable Media Recovery - CDs & DVDs, floppy disks, Zip, Jaz, Orb, flash media, USB keychain drives, CompactFlash/SmartMedia - Manufacturers such as Imation, Syquest, Castlewood, and more...

Tape Backup Recovery - DLT/DLTape, LTO Ultrium, DAT/DDS, Travan, QIC, Ditto

We can recover data from all brands (including Western Digital, Maxtor, IBM, Hitachi, Seagate, Lacie, and others) and from any media (including desktop & laptop hard drives, CDs & DVDs, removable media, servers & RAID arrays, and tape drives).

Many companies claim to provide low-cost, guaranteed service, but when the bill comes? Clean room & evaluation fees, shipping charges, and more can really add up: not with Iomega.

Every Priority Service case starts with a free evaluation that includes:

- Initial visual inspection of the media,
- In-lab diagnostic work by one of our technicians,
- No clean room fees,
- No diagnostic fees, and
- No charge for labor.

Following the free evalution, you'll receive a no obligation, no surprises quote: if you aren't satisfied with our offer, we'll send your media back at no charge -- period. We'll even tell you if the problem can be fixed using a free Do-It-Yourself file recovery program.

Plus, every Priority Service case is backed with our satisfaction guarantee: if you aren't happy with the recovery, you don't pay a cent.

For more information visit Iomega Data Recovery.