Friday, May 13, 2005

Mr Bill Knows Florida Refinance

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Getting a loan has never been this easy, just ask Mr. Bill Knows. In just minutes, complete and submit our online application and MrBillKnows florida refinancing finds the lowest rate and most aggressive programs available to you.

Mr Bill Knows

Mr Bill Knows Florida refinance. has Developed strong relationships with the top lending institutions in America to find the best Programs to custom-fit your needs.

So Mr. Bill Knows Florida mortgages.

With it’s 1 easy application, 1 credit pull and the best lending program is right around the corner! was started out of frustration and confusion. William Knowles, President and Chief Executive Officer of, has always believed in getting more for his money.

This is why Mr. Bill Knows home refinance in Florida.

When Bill he went to refinance his home in 2002, he attempted to seek out the best deals on home loans. He ended up spending hours on hold with dozens of companies, and the rate information he did gain was confusing as well as time consuming. He decided to go on the internet, where lenders competed for his refinancing business after submitting an on-line application.

This sounded like a great idea, until he started receiving calls from numerous lenders all claiming to have the best program for him. So, he decided to go with the company quoting the lowest rate and closing costs.

Bad idea, he was soon on his way to finding out that not only was his interest rate and closing cost extremely higher than quoted, he realized that they had pulled his credit over 10 times making his credit worse then he had started out with.

That's why Mr Bill Knows how to get credit information with just one credit pull.

Back then he had no choice but to close due to his personal finances. He wished there was a one-stop online shop where they would compare rates and custom-tailor a program to fit his specific needs.

It was this dissatisfaction that drove William to create, the premier, free online service for consumers who need help in deciding the best company to compare the lowest rates and closing cost, without all the frustration and confusion. -- Mr. Bill Knows -- has become an expert resource for saving money by empowering consumers to spend less on recurring monthly expenses in order to free up cash for the things they really want out of life. It all began as an answer to his own refinancing problems in January of 2002. Now has grown into the online authority for all Americans to lower their cost of daily living. To date, the privately held Tampa, Florida company has helped over 200,000 consumers save more than $124 million on their recurring monthly expenses.

Check out Mr Bill Knows and apply for a Florida refinance loan today.


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