Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Arby's Ad Campaign Mocks Chicken Rivals

July 5, 2006 - Linknet Business News

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Arby's Ad Campaign Mocks Chicken Rivals

According to a report in Wall Street Journal the fast food chain Arby's has unveiled a new series of ads that mocks the quality of chicken served by rivals McDonald's and Wendy's.

The ads, claim their chicken is 100% all natural chicken while their competitors are using chicken that is only 70% "pure". The report says the ads show a young man standing before the executive board of the rivals' companies, appealing to them to use all natural chicken. The young man is then laughed out of or thrown out of the room depending on the ad.

According to the WSJ Arby's is the 12th largest fast-food operator by sales. McDonald's is the biggest market player while Wendy's is the third biggest. Arby's advertising budget is $98.6 million compared to $770 million for McDonalds and $383.1 million for Wendy's.