Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Many Interesting Articles

More than a year ago I set up a number of theme-specific article sites where articles and product announcements in specific categories can be posted. Three of them have been gradually building traffic, and the number of posted articles has been steadily growing.

The busiest is with a wide cross section of articles in categories such as Health, Real Estate, Marketing, etc.

Another that is gaining ground is where the focus is on Marketing and Search Engine topics, although there is also a broad enough selection of categories to satisfy most people.

The third most popular is Trade Show Tips. This site is quite a bit narrower and focuses on trade show marketing.

Who should post at these sites?

Anybody who wants to gain some exposure for your products or ideas should post articles. It's easy and free.


alexboltin said...

I recently found this Article Engineer Private label articles inside a cool little software tool. I also was able to import all my other PL articles that I have. I can not search and analyze them. Pretty awesome.