Thursday, November 03, 2005

Google Retake

One of my clients facing the spectre of plummeting Google rankings emailed me today to say "it looks like everything is going back to exactly how it was before the shake up!"

This client was panicking because it looked like her primary keyword was going to move from #4 to about #98 in google searches. She thought for sure whe was going to have to lay people off if this really happened.

Her panic was brought on by the "insider information" contained on Matt Cutt's blog in which he confirmed that the rankings on one obscure Google data center ( foreshadowed what would be propagated over the entire network in two or three weeks. Two days ago her site was at 98. But now it has mysteriously climbed back up to #9.

Everybody has an opinion about Google. Especially SEO gurus and even Google "insiders". But can we really trust what any of them say?

I don't think so.