Thursday, March 29, 2007

Build a Plan Before You Build Your Website

Planning An Effective Website - by Rick Hendershot, Web Design Articles

Building your first website can be very difficult. It looks fairly easy, but usually ends up being more difficult than you expected.

One problem is, building a website requires technical skills that you can't possibly have until somebody shares the secrets with you. And technical people are often pretty bad at explaining things.

If you've ever built a website you've probably discovered that you can't do it right until you work your way through all the techno-jargon and start to understand what you are doing. Building a website is like constructing a house. You can't put the upper parts of the house on until you have the foundation in place. And you can't build the walls and foundation without knowing what the upper part is going to look like.

You need a master plan.

But you can't have a useful plan until you have an good idea...

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