Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Microsoft adCenter Gets Mixed Reviews

June 13, 2006 - Linknet Internet News

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Microsoft adCenter Gets Good ROI But Still Lacks Traffic

After more than a year of testing Microsoft unveiled AdCenter this May. Initially about 2000 advertisers were using AdCenter and this number is up to about 10,000, according to a report by search marketing firm Did-it.com

Microsoft AdCenter is an alternative to Google Adwords and Yahoo Search Marketing, formerly known as Overture.

Initial reports are that AdCenter has a slightly better ROI than either Yahoo or Google. This is primarily because of lower costs. Since MSN has a significantly lower volume of searches, keywords cost about 30% less than Google.

Users report getting about 10% of the volume of clicks with adCenter as compared to Google.

Research has shown good quality traffic with slightly higher conversion rates on the MSN service. adCenter also provides more sophisticated audience targeting tools, and, according to some analysts, a more user friendly interface.

Because adCenter's demographic data is based on millions of people who have signed up for Microsoft Passport, adCenter tends to be more effective at servicing the business to consumer target market.