Saturday, January 14, 2006

Microsoft getting serious about its Adwords competitor

January 14, 2006 - Linknet Internet News

Microsoft is barely in the search engine contextual advertising game, but they are trying hard to change that. The MSFT services-based strategy that lies behind the feature rich new verison of Windows Live (MSN Messenger) depends on advertising dollars, and so far they haven't found a way to crack the Google and Yahoo stranglehold on this market.

With lots of money and patience, Microsoft has spent more than a year developing and testing adCenter, and it will be formally launched in June, 2006. That's when the MS contract with Yahoo runs out.

According to MSFT, adCenter will have "the ability to deliver fine-grained demographic data -- ages, location, interests." Neither Google nor Yahoo can currently make that claim.

By itself, MSN Search does not provide the critical mass for running successful PPC ad campaigns. But that will be offset by the large subscriber base of other MSN services -- in particular Messenger.

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