Thursday, December 02, 2004

Vinyl Project - Week 2 Report

Well, here it is Day 14 of The Vinyl Project -- the day I was supposed to have finished my posting of 12 different articles on at least 10 different article sites.

Guess what... I actually finished (more or less). I say "more or less" because I felt I should drag out the posting on a couple of the last sites, just because of the way they are structured. But I made up for this delay by posting on some of my own sites (see the next post).

The sites I have posted "Vinyl Project" articles on are:

And that does not even include a couple others I have done some preliminary posting on, and intend to do more:

Nor does it include any of my own sites, most notably,

This project has rejuvenated my interest in writing and publishing articles en masse -- what I might start calling Power Publishing.

See my next post for more about that topic.

-- Rick


Keith said...

Good Afternoon. Quite by accident I stumbled accross your post. Refreshing comments like yours seem to somehow add to ones list of lifes experiences.

I find that blogs related to article distribution that have a topic around article distribution type items to be informative and sometimes entertaining.

Once again, thank you.